4-Skins or No-Skins?

In reference to Dagonet’s page http://thequestfor50.com/foreskin-deep/.  Seriously though, I’m circumcised, but I’ve contemplated why people have their child’s foreskin removed besides religious reasons.. I mean, I don’t practice christianity/judaism or any other religion that supports circumcision, so there wasn’t really a need for it to happen. I feel as though, people blindly assume that having a foreskin is ‘dirty’ or ‘unsanitary’, when in reality I’m sure it isn’t that hard to take care of (hygienically) an uncircumcised penis. Humans have evolved biologically to have a foreskin, and when it’s circumcised it undoubtedly kills nerve endings (even if it’s just 1-2%). With that said, I’m kind of upset that I wasn’t given the choice of having the full biological experience of having sex with an uncircumcised penis. On top of that, about 120 infants die annually because of circumcision complications. Question these things people!! #save4skins


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